our company


Well Cultivated is a family run business that provides a range of environmentally friendly products. We believe that if everyone makes small changes to their lifestyle, it will have a big impact on our planet.

Our mission is to provide you the greatest variety of environmentally- friendly, non-toxic and sustainable products with high quality, the best service and at great value.

Well Cultivated is concerned about the environment.  We save on waste wherever possible such as sending half our orders out using boxes already used by other companies ear marked for land fill.  Our products such as bamboo towels and robes are made of bamboo that takes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen.

Our product mix reflects our efforts to help improve our environment. 

what we do ?
At Well Cultivated we know if the products work and what they feel like or smell like.  We don’t release the product to the market before we have tested and enjoyed using them for some time first.

Our thinking is that if we would recommend a product to our friends and families then we would offer it to others, if we wouldn’t use the product ourselves then we don’t recommend or stock it!
We try to cater to as many customer tastes as possible so we have put together one of the most diverse range of products and materials available.  For example, many of our styles of clothing and products can be found in

Some of our product ranges on offer:
•        Organic Clothing and Accessories
•        Hemp Shoes and Handbags
•        Organic Coffee and Tea
•        Organic Bamboo Towels and Robes
•        Energy Saving Electricals
•        Eco Friendly Laundry Products

how we do it ?
All our products are backed by the relevant authorities.  We work closely with the Vegetarian, Vegan Society as well as Fair Trade US. Therefore all our products are free of chemicals, pesticides, animal products and child labour.  All our products are good for workers, the environment and to your skin.  We visit the manufacturers personally and work closely with them to make sure they work fairly and ethically.

how we help others
We contribute 10% of our profits to specially chosen charities.
We help communities in poorer parts of the world by buying direct from them and offering them better market rates and working conditions.  We work so that our producers and workers grow with us.  When we give them more work, they bring in workers in from the commumnity to balance the workload and not put extra stress on the existing workforce.

ensuring quality
We buy our products direct from many manufacturers who supply large chains such as Asda, Walmart, L’Oreal, Tony & Guy, Starbucks.  They produce our own lines however we ensure that they produce them ethically and within strict packaging and material guidelines. 
our future
We will evolve as the organic industry continues to grow to bring you whatever you need to complete your organic lifestyle. we hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us.


with our best wishes

Dave and Dora Elena