Our Team


Hi, from us all at Well Cultivated.

We are all passionate at Well Cultivated about making a difference on how shopping should be done ethically.

We wanted to create an environment for ourselves where our lifestyle fits in with our jobs. This however doesn’t fit in easily with the way the world runs and so we took it upon ourselves to try and make living more ethical and by selling products that we ourselves use every day.

As former sourcing agents, we have a great experience and knowledge of finding quality products. Many of our products are new and unique and a bit cutting edge. As we have visited all the suppliers and have checked for ourselves how their products are made and have changed the production methods as much as possible to make them more environmentally friendly.


  Valerie has spent many years demonstrating spinning at the National Trust to thousands of visitors.  She is passionate about wools & fabrics and is very creative, with many new ideas.
  Dora is amazing and can find the most brilliant products from anywhere in the world and locally. We don't know how she does it but if it can be found then Dora can find it.